Infrared Pyrometer System - Kiln Temperature Measurement

One of our refinery customers had a demanding temperature measurement application in their kiln so we engineered a complete mounting and protection solution in addition to the Fluke/Ircon infrared pyrometer. It included a turn-key system of: custom fabricated mounting hardware, pyrometer, heat shield, isolation valve, sight tube, and installation guidance.

Consulting and Engineering Services

Since 1925, we at Jensen Instrument Co. have been committed to providing the best solution to our customers' process instrumentation and control needs. We can assist you in optimizing or solving any process problems, cost effectively. Through our many years in the industry we have developed strong relationships with a number of consulting engineers, integrators and contractors. Let us be your resource to combine a team specialized in your process. This will save you time and money, as well as assure single source responsibility (No Finger Pointing).

Jensen Instrument Co. is committed to a successful implementation of our solution to your process problem. We look forward to working with you in making your business more profitable.

Pressure Fill Systems

We are an Ashcroft “Factory Authorized - Diaphragm Seal Assembler”.

We also design custom solutions such as this Manifold allowing multiple instruments to be mounted and liquid filled to a single diaphragm seal. This low-volume design maximizes instrument sensitivity and minimizes leak points compared to traditional pipe & elbow assemblies.

We offer additional services such as setting the pressure switch set-points and making stainless steel tags per the customer's specification.

Solar Panel Level System

We designed, engineered and fabricated four solar powered, wireless radio, level transmitter systems for a local wastewater treatment facility.

This approach saved substantial installation costs (no trenching, conduit, wire or power required), as well as providing continuous operation with no energy other than what the sun provides.

A very cost effective, successful solution to our customers need.